Conditions of carriage

The contract between you, the passenger, and us, Delta Airline

Delta Airline, we have a tendency to fly over borders – across the country and therefore the world – to attach folks and communities. Providing this service and creating the globe a smaller, additional inclusive place, may be a large a part of WHO we have a tendency to Air.

These conditions cowl all of your rights and responsibilities as a rider on flights operated by Delta Airline. We’ve simplified this contract to create our policies clearer and easier to grasp.

Flying with Delta Airline

What do you need to know before you go

Safety is our high priority. We’re additionally committed to providing a positive and dependable travel expertise for all of our customers. we have a tendency to hope this data can assist you harden your trip. we have a tendency to perceive traveling may be nerve-racking, and that we appreciate your patience and courtesy.

This steerage isn’t supposed to switch the Conditions of carriage, that covers all of your rights and responsibilities as a rider.

Your tickets

We sell a pair of sorts of tickets – refundable and non-refundable:

If you engaged a minimum of a pair of days before departure, you’ll get a full refund at intervals twenty four hours from the time you acquire your price ticket, regardless of if it’s refundable or non-refundable.

  • A refundable price ticket permits you to alter or cancel your flight while not a fee.
  • A non-refundable price ticket could value less, however if you would like to create modifications you will be charged a change fee and any distinction in fare. If you purchase a Basic Economy fare, changes don’t seem to be allowed.

Preparing to Air travel

Being ready is that the best thanks to guarantee swish travel. each flying field is completely different, thus do a bit analysis if it is your 1st time flying to or from a town. you may would like a sound Ikon ID accepted by the agency (like a driver’s license or different government issued ID) for domestic travel and a sound passport or visa, and any travel documents needed by your international destination.

Arrive the gate

You must be at the gate and prepared to board the plane:

  • 15 minutes before departure on domestic flights
  • 30 minutes before departure for international flights
  • Be sure to ascertain your boarding card for boarding times. If you are not at the gate in time, your seat is also given to a standby rider.

The doors shut a minimum of ten minutes before departure. Once the door is shut, it’ll not be reopened unless there’s health, safety or security issue.

On the plane

Welcome aboard! something you carried on should slot in the overhead bins or below the seat before of you. If the bins area unit full or your bag is simply too massive we’ll facilitate gate-check it. Musical instruments count as a carry-on and should work safely within the bin, below the seat or in a very closet (unless you purchased an additional seat).

Have a nut allergy? tho’ we do not serve peanuts, we have a tendency to do serve food might|which will|that will} contain alternative kinds of insane and customers may keep it up peanuts. We’re unable to create special accommodations or give nut-free zones on board, thus we have a tendency to powerfully encourage you to require all necessary medical precautions before flying.

And finally, our crewmembers area unit here to confirm a secure and pleasant flying expertise for you and everybody aboard your flight. Please allow them to recognize if you’ve got any queries and make sure to befits their directions, that area unit designed to stay you and everybody on board safe and comfy.

1.Check in

You can sign on on Delta Airline.com and within the app starting twenty four hours before departure. All airports have minimum arrival times. If you are not checked in by the minimum arrival time, you’ll lose your seat.

In most cities, you need to be checked in:

  • At least forty five minutes before scheduled departure, for flights inside the U.S.
  • At least hour before scheduled departure, for flights to or from airports outside of the U.S.
  • Some airports need you to see in earlier.

What Can You Fly With?

Restricted Items

  • Alcoholic beverages over seventy p.c by volume This content is enlarged
  • Alcoholic beverages beneath seventy p.c by volume This content is enlarged
  • Animal products/products of animal origin (EU destinations only) This content is enlarged
  • Batteries This content is enlarged
  • Cutting instruments This content is enlarged
  • Defense sprays This content is enlarged
  • Drones This content is enlarged
  • solid This content is enlarged
  • Electronic cigarettes (vapor / e-cigarettes) This content is enlarged
  • Explosives This content is enlarged
  • Firearms or ammunition This content is enlarged
  • combustible liquids or solids This content is enlarged
  • Gasoline-powered tools This content is enlarged
  • home items This content is enlarged
  • Hoverboards This content is enlarged
  • Lighters and matches This content is enlarged

Oversize and overweight bags

Fees and seasonal limitations vary by destination. Contact Reservations for facilitate and to form positive your oversized luggage can match on the plane. Also, over one fee might apply to a bag. for instance, the checked bag fee + Oversized fee + overweight fee.

Reservations and ticket changes

Flights +1(888)-896-9657

United states and Canada

Trips ticketed by our reservations offices, field price tag counters or travel centers in sure countries or regions area unit subject to a service fee.