Customer Commitment

Delta Air Lines intends to confirm that your traveling expertise can include, to the most effective of our skills, the foremost comprehensive client service potential. we’ve got printed our responsibilities and the way we’ll fulfill them in 12-key points, called our client Commitment.

1. Offering The Cheapest Air Flight Tickets

We will disclose on our web site, at the price tag counter, or once you decision our reservation center to inquire a couple of fare or create a reservation, that very cheap fare offered by Delta to the final public for the itinerary you have got requested could also be accessible elsewhere, if that’s the case.

Please note our commitment is to assist match you with the most effective fare product that meets your specific travel desires, which can not perpetually be very cheap fare accessible. At your request, our Reservation Specialists can quote you very cheap printed fare that we provide for the particular airports and kind of itinerary that you simply request. we tend to don’t seek for or quote fares for alternative itineraries. though combining separate unidirectional tickets typically leads to a better total fare than the one we provide for constant connecting itinerary, it’s typically potential to search out 2 or a lot of unidirectional fares at a combined value that’s under very cheap fare Delta offers for the connecting itinerary. we tend to don’t seek for or quote these choices to you, as a result of this will increase the probability that you simply may expertise client service failures like lost baggage and Uncomprehensible connections.

2. Without Risk Cancellation

allowing reservations to be off while not penalty for 24-hours when the reservation is created.

Even if you get a non-refundable price tag from Delta, we are going to offer you time to match our fares with those of alternative airlines. you’ll cancel and refund your price tag fully till hour, in the future when the reservation is created. for instance, a price tag purchased anytime on weekday may be off and refunded till hour on weekday. If the reservation is created on the date of travel, you’ll cancel and refund your paid price tag fully till hour that day.

3. Ensure Responsiveness To Customer Complaints

We will acknowledge receipt of written customer complaints within 30 days of their receipt, and will send a substantive response within 60 days of receiving the complaint. For information about filing a complaint, go to Contact Us.

4. Providing price tag refunds among seven days for master card purchases, and among twenty business days for money or check purchases

We will issue refunds for eligible domestic and international tickets inside seven business days once receiving a whole refund request for master card purchases, and inside twenty business days once receiving a whole refund request for purchases created by money or check, as well as associate fees for faculty services if you were unable to use the services because of an over sale state of affairs or flight cancellation. Note: If your purchase was created with a global master card, we have a tendency to usually transmit our credit directions to the master card process company inside seven business days of the date the refund is processed. Please be suggested that international bank process times vary by country looking on the native industry. Therefore, it will take up to a pair of request cycles for the master card establishment to point out this credit on your statement.

5.Children Traveling Alone

We provide elaborate info on at kids Traveling Alone or by business +1(888)-896-9657 to folks with kids ages five through fourteen UN agency are traveling alone. we tend to are happy to produce this service to kids ages fifteen through seventeen traveling alone. Fees apply for unaccompanied minor service. Our policies support the security and well being of kids traveling alone, making certain your kid is snug throughout his or her flight which he or she follows all aboard crew direction, as well as directions on safety procedures and behavior. Further, we are going to not unleash a minor traveling alone to anyone apart from the person you’ve got selected.